Monday, February 27, 2012

Choices Everywhere - Sketchnoting

I was very excited today to come across Sketchnoting through my reading for uni. Sketchnoting is how I think. I often draw little doodles to make what I am reading or listening to more meaningful. I love this little video by Giulia Forsythe about Sketchingnoting and how she has grown through using it. I just love the RSA Animate video with Sir Ken Robinson's work as well - makes it come alive. At the recent TEDx Talks we had an cartoonist sketching a summary of all the talks. It is an amazing way to capture a moment, enhance learning, pique interest and reach all learning styles. Can't wait to give it a go. It reminds me of Infographics and a type of concept mapping. Exciting to find options that I can share with my students. The additonal problem I now face is that I want to try out the DS106 Digital Story telling course but with being a Mum, working and already studying I fear I will stretch myself too thin!

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