Saturday, March 17, 2012

Global Education Environment

Further reflections

We were asked to comment on the following statement:

"Education is a powerful tool in the global educational environment and the internet has enabled a new era in a human collective activity."

Firstly, Education is not the tool. Education is the result of the global educational environment. The internet is a tools which allows collaboration and networking globally which in turn enables learners to expand their learning in the areas that engage them. Let's focus less on the tools we use and more on the pedagogy and final outcome for the learners. Education isn’t just about academics, it is the complete package...the acquiring of information, the curating of the web to group topics, the working out of a response to the information that has been sought and then the production of those findings in a meaningful way. Most importantly, education is about the learner.

The internet is a challenge for some and a norm for others. With collaboration of human activity, the whole network benefits from the utilisation of the internet as a resource. The expansion of horizons and knowledge through connecting globally allows for virtual transformative learning. No longer do we have to travel to exact locations but through internet and global connections, we can explore avenues normally out of reach for the bulk of individuals. We can equip our students with the skills they require to communicate in globally. Equip themselves with the skills they require to have a safe, respected online presence. We are only on the cusp of this new era. As we become better at connecting, communicating and collaborating globally, we will see a whole new era again which, at present, we cannot define.

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