Saturday, March 3, 2012

To allocate or not allocate

This week I needed to do some research for work. The internet is such a wonderful resource but it is also so immense. As I researched I came across so many different topics that I wanted to explore. I started delving in to some and then remembered my original goal for that day - to find research on a particular topic. So much learning, so little time. It reminded me to work smarter, not harder. Focus research times and allocate time slots. Being someone who loves to be spontaneous, I waver at the idea of allocating every minute of time and becoming too regimented - too controlling. A certain amount of order is essential. Remembering my original purpose, I went to the ScoopIt! topic I curate, Integrating Technology in the Classroom to collect one of the articles I knew I posted there. The time I had allocated to collating these resources reaped benefits. The mountain of information had some order. The resource I needed was quickly located. Life lesson - effective time allocation can free you up for many moments of spontaneity and dream chasing. Now just to implement it.

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